Toaster Oven Recipes for Two

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My venture into toaster oven cooking was a natural one. I’ve often felt that if you’re cooking for two, there should be fewer dishes to clean up. The toaster oven helps me make delicious dinners in a fraction of the time, with less dishes to wash at the end. Many of the recipes in this book are sheet pan meals or packet meals, making cleanup a breeze!

Since toaster ovens are, well, toaster-sized, it’s the perfect vehicle to make dinners for two. Every recipe in this toaster oven cookbook serves just two people. Don’t just think of your toaster oven for toast, think of it as a way to make dinner, too!

Also, all of these recipes are so easy! The flavors are comforting, classic, and completely crave-worthy.

Toaster Oven Cookbook includes:

Ten recipes for family favorite dinners for two: 4 incredible chicken dinners, 2 delicious seafood recipes (my Tuscan-inspired salmon is to die for!), 2 ways to enjoy steak (cooked the same way restaurants cook it!), one luscious pork tenderloin recipe, and a cross-over breakfast for dinner recipe.

Tips on buying a toaster oven (what you really need in a toaster oven versus ‘nice to have’ features).

Suggestions for adapting each recipe to use your favorite ingredients and flavors.

Perfect date night at home dinners, without a lot of dishes to clean up!