I originally didn’t think this news was blog-worthy.  However, my Dad caught some great photos of me trying on wedding dresses and I thought y’all might like to see.  I’ll be back later this week with a new recipe.

So back to the news:  I’m getting married.  Now, now, don’t go all overboard on me.  We’re in our very late 20s, and we don’t need all the hoopla that goes along with getting married.  While this is the biggest decision I’ve ever made in life, it’s not the only great decision I’ve made in my life.  No one threw me a party nor did I register for gifts when I moved to California, finished graduate school, or landed my dream job.  For all of those occasions, I celebrated with my favorite bottle of champagne (sometimes alone, sometimes with friends and family), and quietly moved on.  Our marriage is a joyous private decision that we will celebrate every day for the rest of our lives.  Popping a bottle of champagne with close friends and family would be enough for me.  Don’t worry, we are planning a modest Texas wedding, but I’m not interested in having everyone’s attention.  Truth be told, I’m seriously concerned I’m going to faint when the Church doors open and I realize everyone is looking at me before I walk down the aisle.

Most people know they’re marrying the right person because their morals and values are aligned, they share the same intensity of faith, and they have similar life goals.  It’s important to make sure these big things are in place.  But, since the Mr. & I made sure we were aligned on all the big things before our first date (that’s a fun story for another day), the process of falling in love was exciting.  Along the way, these past 15 months, I picked up on some smaller things that made me realize he was the right man for me.

Isn’t my Grandma adorable?  This is the grandma who grew up on a tobacco farm.  I should say Hi to the North Carolina side of her family right here, too!

Four Slightly Unconventional Reasons I Know I’m Marrying The Right Man:

1.  In his family tree exists a man who had a part in inventing Cheez Whiz.  Oh, bless my Southern heart and soul, processed cheese makes my world go ‘round.

2.  He drives slowly and safely.  Much like a dog, I always want to go for a ride in the car with him.  If he’s driving 2 minutes down the road to hook up a trailer to a hitch, I’m in the front seat, rearin’ to go with my head hanging out the window.

Remember the days of your teens when the boys with fast cars got the girl?  I was never that girl.  Trying to kill me in your car by driving fast doesn’t impress me.  Also, my Dad doesn’t appreciate it either.  Don’t make him mad:  he’s got a gun and a shovel…you know the rest.

3.  He tolerates my weird, vegan raw-food worshipping whims.  He willingly sips neon green smoothies packed with vegetables, he doesn’t balk at tofu for dinner, and he reads food labels on everything before he buys it.  If something contains artificial ingredients, it’s not going in our grocery cart (see #1 for some exceptions).  I once dated a meat-and-potatoes carnivore boy.  I didn’t appreciate the 15 pounds I gained during the relationship by eating like him. I tried cooking two separate dinners, but I was exhausted.  I dumped him (and the weight) and was instantly happier.

4.  He is immune to morning breath.  That’s right, his body just doesn’t allow morning breath to happen.  He could eat his famous roasted garlic chicken pizza followed by a sardine sandwich, go to bed without brushing his teeth, and wake up free of morning breath.  That’s weird, right?

Sneak peek of my Mom’s big Texas hair.  Hi Mom, love you!  I use volumizing hair products everyday to try to have hair as thick and gorgeous as yours.

I did not end up purchasing any of the dresses seen here.  Since Mr. Dessert For Two is an avid reader of this site, I want him to be surprised when he sees me walk down the aisle.