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Puff Pastry Donuts: Easy fried donuts made from frozen puff pastry. Homemade Cronuts.

Puff Pastry Donuts

Puff pastry donuts, made with a sheet of puff pastry from the freezer! You will love the hot pink berry glaze on these donuts, but they’re also great dipped in cinnamon sugar! My love for puff pastry just reached new…

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Apple Fritters

Apple fritters recipe from scratch! Fluffy, thick and perfectly cake-like apple fritters made in just 30 minutes. This recipe makes just 4 large fritters, the perfect amount! I’ve been making a grave mistake for years. When I go into a…

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Half-Dozen Fried Donuts

I’ve shared a few donut recipes before, and they are good, but…they are baked. Let’s do this donut thing right.  And by that I mean FRIED. The first time I fried something, I felt like the most domestic girl in the world. …

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