Campari Lemonade Cocktail Recipe
Drinks for Two

Campari Lemonade

Hey, heat wave. I’ll beat you at your own game today. I’ll drink boozy lemonade on the porch and you can just do your thing. As long as I have an ice cold glass of this sour Campari lemonade, I’m fine…

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Frozen Treats, Whiskey

Lemonade Moonshine Popsicles

I’m sooooo close to turning off all electronic devices and relaxing this entire weekend and enjoying our huge family event. If you didn’t read in my berry swirl s’mores post, we’re getting our little Camille baptized this weekend, and we…

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Lemon pancakes for two

Lemon Cream Pancakes

Yeah, I definitely should have posted this before Mother’s Day. Sorry. Your Mom would have loved these. I spent almost all of Mother’s Day in bed with my new babe. I also had a mini melt-down because I felt unproductive,…

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Vodka tonic granita with lemon @dessertfortwo
Drinks for Two, Frozen Treats

Vodka Tonic Slush

I have a Costco membership for, like, 3 things: giant bottles of Tito’s vodka, family-sized packs of goat cheese that last me (and me alone) about a week, and perfect French baguettes.  I am loyal to their baguettes, though they…

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Christmas, Cookies and Bars

Lemon Meltaways

Let the record show that I, Christina Dessertfortwo (legal name-change pending), am a huge fan of cookies that are baked and then rolled in sugar.  Cookies: full of sugar, check.  Cookies rolled in sugar?  Double check.  Make that double chin….

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Breakfast, Gluten Free

Lemon Poppy Seed Granola

Lemon granola with poppy seeds. This is so delicious served with lemon yogurt! I really enjoy making granola. The whole process of gathering up all the mason jars that contain the oats, nuts and seeds is so fun to me..  I…

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