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London Fog drink in a clear glass mug with lavender buds on top.
Drinks for Two

London Fog Drink

London fog drink is a cozy cup of Earl Grey tea spiced with vanilla and honey, and topped with steamed foamy milk. You’ll feel like you’re walking on foggy clouds as you sip this cold weather tea latte that warms…

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new pure leaf teas
Life Updates

Just Checking In #13

Can we talk about hitting the reset button? This summer was pretty rough for me, personally. I had a lot of shit going on emotionally, combined with too much work on my plate, and spotty childcare options. It was Rough—yes,…

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Cupcakes, Pumpkin

Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes

Pumpkin chai cupcakes are a fun way to bring the spicy flavors of a pumpkin spice latte into a cupcake form! Small batch cupcake recipe makes just 4 cupcakes. Have you seen my pumpkin ebook for 25 pumpkin recipe that…

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Cookies and Bars, Egg Yolk Only

Tea Cakes

Unassuming though they might look, Southern tea cakes are special cookies.  It’s said that these sweet little cakes were served at tea parties hosted by Juliette Gordon Low in her efforts to form the Girl Scouts of America.  Leave it…

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