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Fall sangria with figs and oranges.
Drinks for Two

Fall Sangria

Fall Sangria is the best drink to bridge the season between the last days of summer and upcoming sweater weather. This sangria is made with fresh figs, orange zest, and warming Fall spices, like cinnamon and ginger. It’s a sangria made…

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Pasta on plate with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and lemon slices.
Dinner Recipes for two, Pasta

Mediterranean Pasta

Mediterranean pasta is fast, vegetarian and healthy pasta recipe for two. Each twirl of angel hair pasta comes tangled with pan-fried mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and olives. The sauce is a silky buttery white wine sauce. This…

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Rose lemonade recipe in two mugs.
Drinks for Two

Rosé Lemonade

Rosé lemonade recipe is the only drink you’ll need this summer. Two people cannot finish an entire bottle of wine. Wait, can I re-phrase that? Two people shouldn’t finish an entire bottle of wine. At least not on a weeknight….

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Wine Slushy recipe @dessertfortwo
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Wine Slushies

  Oh, wine slushies. Back when I first downloaded Instagram, one of the first photos I snapped was of my then-boyfriend drinking a wine slushy at the California state fair.  I had never heard of the glorious thing that is…

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Lazy Girl Sangria | dessertfortwo.com
Drinks for Two

Sangria Easy Recipe

Sangria easy recipe made right in the glass. For each glass of easy sangria you wish to make, just muddle fruit, add liquor and wine, and top with club soda. I feel like I’m the queen of lazy cocktails.  You…

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