Raspberry sorbet watermelon sandwiches @dessertfortwo

That Rachael Ray chick, man, she did it again.  In her summer issue, she had a recipe for stirring fresh basil into lemon sorbet, and then smushing it between honeydew slices.  I saw it while on a plane, and became immediately aware of the parched air in the cabin.  Suddenly, all I could think about was eating juicy, ice cold melon, which was particularly torturous because I recently read an article about how they never wash the ice containers on airplanes, and I was avoiding ice on planes like the plague.  I sipped my tepid water and dreamed up more fruit + sorbet sandwiches.

Raspberry sorbet is my ace in the hole in the summer.  It livens up almost everything.  A scoop on top of a brownie, on top of angel food cake (melt it first), or even a mini scoop in a glass of bubbly—it’s always welcome.  I know I should replace store-bought raspberry sorbet with my raspberry rose ice cream, but I had a few pints of raspberry sorbet already lingering in my freezer.  And since I accidentally left the freezer door open the night before I was set to appear on the morning news demonstrating how to make ice cream sandwiches (true story and incriminating video here), I had to use up everything that melted and refroze.

With a giant watermelon taking up prime counter space and a few pints of melted and refrozen raspberry sorbet, off I went!

The thing with these ice cream sandwiches is that you really can’t make them more than half an hour in advance.  Watermelon is made up of, um, water, so it definitely freezes solid.  So, I say, have a friend man the grill this weekend.  Somewhere between the last few bites of the meal and fetching everyone another beer from the cooler, slip in the kitchen and assemble these sandwiches.  You can wrap them in plastic wrap and store them for about 30 minutes or so.  Don’t store them uncovered.

The one thing I recommend doing ahead of time is pushing the sorbet into a bread loaf pan or an 8×8″ square brownie pan to speed up the assembly.  Then, if you can wield a pizza cutter, you can slice up sorbet, chop matching slices of watermelon, and smush in no time.

I think the word ‘smush’ has a totally different meaning after the Jersey Shore, but I’m sticking to it for these drippy raspberry sorbet and watermelon sandwiches.  Get smushin’!

Yield: 2

Raspberry Sorbet Watermelon Sandwiches

Raspberry Sorbet Watermelon Sandwiches

yield: 4 sandwiches

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • half a seedless watermelon
  • 1 pint store-bought raspberry sorbet


  1. A few hours before, let the sorbet soften. Line a 9x5x3" bread loaf pan with foil, leaving enough foil overhanging the edges to make handles. Spread the sorbet evenly in the pan, and return it to the freezer to fim up. If you're scaling the recipe up to serve a crowd, use an 8x8" brownie pan (and 2-3 pints or sorbet).
  2. Slice the watermelon into 4" by 2" planks. Make 8 planks.
  3. Use the foil to remove the sorbet from the pan. Slice it into 4 planks the size of the watermelon. Stack one slice watermelon with one slice of sorbet. Top with another slice of watermelon, and serve.