10 Vegan Recipes

That Are Crave-Worthy

Vegan Brownies for two (small batch) made with just almond butter, maple syrup, and cocoa powder. Crazy, right? Crazy good!

These dairy-free Banana Muffins are all kinds of delicious!

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with vegan chocolate frosting just for you and me!

Vegan Chocolate Cake is so good that you won't even notice it's vegan. Make this vegan chocolate cake recipe if you're baking without eggs and are out of milk, too! It's super moist, chocolatey and delicious!

Vegan Pumpkin Muffins, small batch style. The recipe makes half a dozen vegan pumpkin muffins.

Incredible Chocolate Sorbet that just so happens to be vegan!

Brownie Pots that are made in the microwave and entirely vegan. Just a few simple pantry ingredients, stirred together, and cooked in the microwave for a warm, gooey brownie treat!

Vegan Vanilla Cake made without eggs! A small cake made in a 6 inch pan, but easily doubled or quadrupled for any pan size. It’s a vegan birthday cake for any size party!

Vegan Protein Bars recipe made with hemp seeds; no protein powder here!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (small batch), that also happen to be gluten-free, too!

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