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Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

This small batch cut-out sugar cookie recipe is a must-have dessert idea! It's an easy holiday cookie that's great to make with kids. Decorated with royal icing and sprinkles, it's a fun Christmas treat. Perfect for a Christmas cookie exchange!

In a small bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients.


In a medium bowl, beat the wet ingredients.


Once well incorporated, sprinkle over half the flour mixture and gently beat until combined.


Dump the dough into a clean countertop with flour. Gather it into a ball and press it into a 1/2" thick round disk. Then, roll out the dough.


Place the shapes on a baking sheet and freeze for minutes while preheating the oven. Bake the cookies until the edges start to turn brown. 


To make the royal icing: Combine the powdered sugar and lemon juice. Beat the egg white and add them to the bowl with the sugar. Whisk together.


When the icing comes together, spoon a small amount onto each cookie and let the royal icing hardens completely.


Using the green frosting tube, make a zig-zag Christmas tree shape in the center of a cookie. Immediately add the nonpareil sprinkles and press a star candy on top.


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