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Easy strawberry shortcake recipe for 4 little cakes.

Cute red heart strawberry jam cookies with thumbprint centers.

Strawberry shortcake bars with whipped cream cheese frosting.

It's sweet, smooth and creamy make-ahead Strawberry Mousse for two! A delicious fresh strawberry mousse recipe, made in the blender.

These individual baked mini strawberry cheesecakes are all kinds of tasty!

Strawberry pudding is a smooth, creamy fruity twist on pudding! It's made almost the same way as vanilla or chocolate pudding, but made with fresh strawberry puree instead.

Strawberry shortcake cookies made with fresh strawberries.

Small batch of chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes.

Strawberry champagne trifles for two.

Strawberry cakes for two made with fresh strawberries.

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