My Cookbooks!

It’s kind of hard to believe, but this blog has given birth to three cookbooks. When they both ended up on the Best Seller list, I did an ugly cry of gratitude. Thank you so much for all of your support!

The first one is called (you guessed it) Dessert for Two!

Dessert for Two Cookbook by Christina Lane

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It has 100+ recipes for desserts, all scaled down to two servings. Did you already know this? Well, did you know that I use a bread loaf pan to make small batches of perfect brownies, blondies, and fudge? Did you know it’s possible to have a mini 6″ layer cake instead of a towering one that serves 8-10 people? That all of my cookie recipes make less than 1 dozen cookies, so you can indulge your craving but avoid the tempting leftovers? And that it’s possible to have your favorite Southern desserts in a smaller dish?  Pies (frozen key lime dipped in chocolate on a stick, anyone?), cobblers (peach!), and homemade candy—it’s all here in this book! The book mostly contains recipes not previously seen on this blog, though I did include a few ‘fan favorites’ because I love you guys.

The second book is called Comfort & Joy: Cooking for Two.

Comfort and Joy Cooking for Two cookbook

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This book is a bit more savory. It has recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and comfort food scaled down to serve two. I did sneak in 15 dessert for two recipes, because I couldn’t resist, but for the most part, this book is savory! Bring on the 3 different types of biscuits, the limitless breakfast in bed options, my favorite Tex-Mex food (I am a Texan after all!), my Mom’s secret salsa recipe, and a cheese-crusted grilled cheese <–Yes, it’s possible, and your life is nothing without it.

The third book is called Sweet & Simple: Desserts for Two

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This book is, yep, you guessed it: desserts for two! But, the big difference between this book and my first book is that these recipes are simple, quick and easy to pull together. Most of the recipes have less than 10 ingredients, and less than one hour of work before dessert is in your mouth. Plus, I included some healthier desserts that are gluten free, naturally sweetened and lighter. This book really has all of MY favorite desserts. I’m more of a lemon dessert lover than chocolate, and so you’ve been warned! Though, there is plenty of chocolate in the book, trust.

And guess what? Book #4 is on the way! Release date: May 2019.