10 Cookie Recipes

You Will Enjoy for Snack or Dessert

Peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies are the cookies I reach for when I want something healthy, simple, and made in one-bowl! Kids and adults love these soft, chewy cookies made without flour, but with plenty of chocolate chips!

Small batch chocolate chip cookies for your next cookie craving! Make just a half batch of chocolate chip cookies the next time you need a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie!

It happens to all of us--we have every ingredient to make a certain recipe, except for one! If you're out of eggs, I want you to still be able to bake cookies! So, these chocolate chip cookies without eggs are here to save you. This recipe makes just 8 cookies, but you can double it, if you need.

Use leftover Halloween candy to make these easy Kit Kat cookies that don't contain any chocolate chips!

Just in case you didn't know how to make the absolutely easiest after school treat, I'm sharing this formula with you. These 2 ingredient peanut butter cookies are an absolute classic, and I'm sure that you will make them again and again!

Your favorite childhood treat just got a make-over with a new twist. Always a classic, these Almond Flour Peanut Butter Cookies are made almost the same way as regular cookies, but with high-protein almond flour! Great for gluten-free cookie lovers, and anyone who is a true peanut butter lover!

Sweet, chewy, and delicately floral cookies made with lavender buds are the latest cookie jar favorite in my house. These lavender cookies have chewy centers and barely crisp edges. They're nothing like shortbread cookies; they're a classic sugar cookie punctuated with the incredible scent and flavor of lavender buds.

These chocolate chip marshmallow cookies are the only cookies my kids want now! The marshmallow tucked in the center makes for a cookie with a soft center that is extra stretchy and gooey.

These are called Chocolate Chipper Cookies because they're absolutely loaded with chocolate chips! These soft, chewy cookies have two types of chips, plus they're rolled in mini chocolate chips before baking to ensure your mouth is full of chips!

Only make these brown sugar chocolate chip cookies if you absolutely ADORE the taste of chewy, rich chocolate chip cookies. Making chocolate chip cookies with all brown sugar makes incredible, sweet, caramel-tasting cookies that you will love so much, they just might replace your regular cookie recipe!

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