The girl behind the tiny desserts and petite bakeware:



Howdy!  My name is Christina and I’m here to help you gain 10 pounds.

No seriously, I’m here to make your life sweeter.

I cook for two and like most people, I like dessert after dinner—but most dessert recipes make enough for 8 to 10 people!  I don’t need 8 extra slices of cake tempting me from my fridge.  Nor do I appreciate 2 dozen leftover cookies staring at me while I’m trying to eat a healthy breakfast.

So, one day I started searching for dessert recipes that didn’t make so many servings.

My search for small desserts turned up nothing.  So I picked up my wooden spoon, half a stick of butter and set out to recreate my favorite desserts in smaller pans.

Most of my recipes are Southern classics, because I’m a Southern girl—Texan to be exact.


What did you think I was going to do with those eclairs? Just stare at them?!

You should know:  I am not a professionally trained chef.  I grew up in a family obsessed with food.  Every family get-together was (and still is) centered around what we’re eating.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time in my great Aunt Rose’s restaurant.  She owned a small hamburger cafe called Rose’s Bluebonnet Sandwich Shop.  Despite its very modest appearance, it was quite famous.  Don Henley even professed his love at one of his concerts for her burgers and dedicated a song to her food.  Mickey Mantle was a regular, too.  Her hamburgers were smashed to perfection on a griddle coated with grease.  She served soda in glass bottles only and bags of potato chips on the side.  If you got there early, there would often be a small plate of treats sitting just outside the kitchen: cream-cheese stuffed jalapenos, store-bought cookies and even bubble gum. Rose fed many people very well throughout her entire life, including the cast of Bonnie and Clyde while it was being filmed in Dallas.  In her earlier years, she smoked her own barbecue and served plate lunches to the people working in downtown Dallas.  My mom has memories of Rose’s arms being black with smoke.  I wasn’t around for that time, but considering people still talk about it, I know it was delicious.  Rose worked in her restaurant at the griddle until she died, just 8 years ago.  She closed up on a Saturday afternoon and passed away the following Monday. We still sit around and talk about what we wouldn’t do for just one more of Rose’s burgers.  Here’s a sweet article D magazine wrote about her burgers:  
D Magazine

Besides cooking, my other passion in life is agriculture.  I have a Master’s degree in horticulture and agronomy. My day job is in the agricultural research field.  In my humble opinion, God put me on this earth to help increase farmers’ yields to feed the planet’s growing population.

Photo by Wrenn Pacheco of Wrenn Bird Photography

And because I refer to him so frequently, you should know a few things about Mr. Dessert For Two:  He is the official dish washer, hand model, cheerleader and accountant for this site.  When he’s not busy eating both servings of my desserts, he pushes me to work harder every single day.  He also works in agriculture (and yes, we met at work!)  He’s one of the last few Southern gentlemen left in this world, and it took me almost 27 years to find him.  Check out our wedding photos here.

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