Sweet and Simple cookbook: Dessert for two release day.

Small batch frosted sugar cookies for two. Baking for two

Hey hey! Today is an exciting day!

Not only is my new cookbook, Sweet & Simple: Dessert for Two officially on the shelves today, but I also have a fun giveaway planned for you!

I’ve partnered with KitchenAid to give you a chance to win two essential baking for two items: a KitchenAid® Artisan® Mini Stand Mixer and a KitchenAid® Compact Oven. With these two appliances, you have everything you need to bake small batch desserts. And seriously, what could be better in life?

Wait—I know what could be even better. A big pile of recipes with which to use these appliances?! Yeah, I gotcha covered. Grab a copy of my latest cookbook, Sweet & Simple: Dessert for Two, and then come back. I’ll be here.

*Taps foot.

*Eats another cookie, even though they were wrapped in 3 layers of plastic wrap to prevent this.

*Hides cookie behind back when toddler walks into the kitchen and says ‘what’s that, Mama?’

Oh good! You’re back. Just in time.

Ok, let’s get started.

Small-batch baking. Did you know it’s my thing? You probably knew this. I started scaling down recipes 8 years ago, and then I started sharing them on the internet 7 years ago. And it all started right here, with this little Dessert for Two page.

Small batch sugar cookies for two. Baking for two

Loft house Sugar Cookies Small batch recipe

I started down this journey, not knowing where it would take me, but knowing it made me ridiculously happy to bake small batches of cookies instead of giant piles of cookies. The way my Mom’s Texas sheet cake scaled down to two ramekins makes me feel is hard to describe, but it is closest to bliss. I was living alone, working long hours, and I needed my nightly baking sessions. I started miniaturizing every dessert recipe I came across. It was such sweet, sweet fun.

The thing I love so much about small batch baking is that without the leftovers hanging around, I can get in the kitchen and bake something new every day! The fact that I don’t have cookies hanging around the counter for 4 days tempting me is just a perk.

Frosted Sugar Cookies recipe with sprinkles

Back then, I didn’t have a lot of tools to help with my endeavor to scale down desserts. All I had was a muffin pan, a few ramekins, and a small cookie sheet. (Side note: my cookbook chapters are divided up by baking pan size, so you can easily make every recipe in the book). I remember cautioning against using a stand mixer to make my recipes because the small amount of batter in a recipe wouldn’t even touch the beaters. And yes, I had a beautiful KitchenAid®  Stand Mixer in Ice Blue, but it sat on my counter and collected dust.

Last year, I found out KitchenAid had plans to release a smaller version of their iconic mixer. I felt like the clouds were parting, the Heavens were opening, and this loud ringing came in my ears—it was the angels singing.

I feel like this KitchenAid® Artisan® Mini Stand Mixer was made for me. When I laid eyes on it, I instantly knew we had many, many decades of small-batch cookies in our future. And mini cakes. And small-batch marshmallows. Basically, all the small sweet things.

Since this small stand mixer hit my counter, it’s been used almost daily. I’m so happy to have a sidekick now.

These small-batch Lofthouse Sugar Cookies come from the Sweet & Simple: Dessert for Two cookbook, and they make just 6 cookies. You can easily double the recipe and make 1 dozen cookies. I used my KitchenAid® Artisan® Mini Stand Mixer to make the cookie dough, wiped it clean while it baked, and then I made the frosting. I add sprinkles just before serving. I also used my new KitchenAid® Compact Oven to bake them, since the recipe only makes 6 cookies. It’s perfectly welcome on my counter.

Let’s get to it: I’ve partnered with KitchenAid to give away:

One (1) Artisan® Mini Stand Mixer (KSM3311X)

One (1) Compact Oven (KCO253)

All colors are subject to availability.

Use the PromoSimple widget below to enter the giveaway. The giveaway runs for 7 days, and you must live in the United States to enter. GOOD LUCK!

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY CLOSED. WINNER HAS BEEN NOTIFIED VIA EMAIL (congrats, Donna H.!). If Donna doesn’t claim her prizes, I’ll pick another one!