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10 Eggless

This is a homemade recipe for brownies that does not require eggs. It tastes exactly like regular brownies, but it's perfect if you're out of eggs or avoiding them because of an allergy. These eggless brownies are a staple in my house.

Eggless sugar cookies are a quick and easy small batch cookie recipe you can make, even when you're out of eggs! Or, if you're baking for those with egg allergies.

These 2 ingredient peanut butter cookies are an absolute classic, and I'm sure that you will make them again and again!

If you're out of eggs, I want you to still be able to bake cookies! So, these chocolate chip cookies without eggs are here to save you. This recipe makes just 8 cookies, but you can double it, if you need.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, small batch for two. Recipe makes just 8 cookies!

Eggless chocolate cupcake recipe could be vegan with alternative milk and plant-based butter for frosting.

Best pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies that are fluffy and bake up with a snickerdoodle crust.

Chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes are the perfect Valentine’s Day treat because it serves two! Just 4 perfect chocolate cupcakes, topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting, and beautiful chocolate covered strawberries!

Small batch chocolate cupcakes for two. Bonus small batch buttercream frosting recipe, too! Plus, totally eggless cupcakes.

Entirely no bake and super easy to make, you should print the recipe for these Cheesecake Cups immediately. They're transportable if you use cups that come with lids, and customizable for any fruit or chocolate topping you prefer.

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