Mini Cake Ideas

to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

A small Coconut Cake recipe made with coconut milk, coconut oil, and coconut flakes!

Delicious chocolate cakes with a melted chocolate center.

The most delicious mini chocolate cakes topped with a fresh raspberry sauce.

This mini chocolate cake is a small cake that serves two made in a round 6-inch cake pan. The ganache glaze on top is so easy to make and is so pretty garnished with fresh fruit.

Mini Red Velvet Cake recipe for two people in a 6" round cake pan with two layers.

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes made in ramekins, serves two.

Small batch Mini Angel Food Cake for one or two people. Made in a loaf pan!

Mini Vanilla Cake for two people with vanilla buttercream roses.

These Chocolate Layer Cakes are perfect for any occasion!

This refreshing Lemon Cakes are perfect for two!

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