Nutella Round-up!

Since it’s world Nutella Day, I thought I would share a round-up of all my desserts for two with Nutella!

First up:  Banana Nutella Chimichangas—the first recipe I ever created with Nutella.  This is my version of a sweet breakfast taco.  A chimichanga is essentially a fried burrito.  My version with diced bananas and Nutella will be your favorite!

Banana Nutella Chimichangas -

We need some cupcakes with Nutella, don’t we?  No matter the question, the answer is always cupcakes.  You’ll love my small batch of triple chocolate cupcakes.  The centers are filled with gooey Nutella.  The chocolate whipped cream on top is divine.  You can thank me for this one.

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes -

Next up: Nutella Eclair Cake.  Have you ever had eclair cake?  It consists of vanilla pudding smushed between graham crackers with a chocolate frosting on top.  I’ve had Eclair Cake at Portillos in Chicago (the place where it was invented), and I can tell you that my version is better because it uses homemade vanilla pudding with Frangelico.  Plus, Nutella!  I shared the recipe for Nutella Eclair Cake over on Bella Nutella.

Nutella Eclair Cake for two -

Have you ever wanted to make macarons, but didn’t want to make an entire batch? Macarons can be finicky, and so I created my recipe for a small batch of French macarons with Nutella.  The recipe makes 6 macarons.  You don’t have to share.

Macarons with Nutella -


What is your favorite way to eat Nutella?


  1. says

    French macaroons with NUTELLA. Just stop it! And by stop it, I mean don’t! :-) I had no idea it was world nutella day! Any ideas how I can stay “in the know” on world food celebrations? I wouldn’t want to miss a perfect reason to go at a jar of nutella with a spoon…

    • says

      Gosh, I’ve been wondering the same thing, Erin! I hear about all things through twitter. But there must be a foodie calendar floating around out there. I’ll let you know if I find anything :)

  2. says

    Oh man! Your macarons look perfect! Mine failed :( but they still tasted yummy so I filled them with nutella too! They were so good! I think that would be my fave way to eat nutella, although those chimichangas look amazing!

  3. Ann says

    In our home we use Israeli Chocolate spread over Nutella. Nutella is dairy based and Chocolate spread is dairy free. With a dairy free child and a kosher household I go out of my way to find special unique desserts and often use this site for menu options.

    Banana Nutella was altered with two more steps, using two large tortilla I spread each with chocolate spread, added the banana mixture, then covered the top half with the second tortilla and cooked it in the Panni press. It was so good I am going to make them to order Tuesday night for a class I teach at a local college to celebrate the festival of Purim!

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