Dinner For Two: Shrimp Po’ Boys

Shrimp Po Boy - DessertForTwo.com

I have a prediction for you.  For the foreseeable future, all of my Dinner For Two recipes will be inspired by the meals we had on our honeymoon.

On our honeymoon, we visited: New Orleans, Birmingham, Alabama, Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina.  The food of New Orleans sticks out in my mind the most. This is probably because after one heck of a wedding day on Saturday and then an 8-hour drive to New Orleans on Sunday, you work up quite an appetite.  New Orleans was where we first relaxed and ‘let it all go.’  We dropped our suitcases, and promptly headed downstairs to the Carousel bar.  (We stayed at the Monteleone on Royal).  We fueled up on Sazeracs, and headed out to the streets hungry.

I didn’t plan too many of our New Orleans meals ahead of time, because I knew that almost everything would be delicious.  It turns out, we didn’t have a bad po’ boy in that town.  We also learned that not all po’ boys are fried.  Our favorites contained seafood sauteed in a garlic butter sauce.  Some also contain nothing but gravy and french fries, but holy waist line, you’ve got to stay away from those.

Shrimp Po Boy - DessertForTwo.com

These buttery shrimp sandwiches are the perfect weekend lunch.  The spicy Creole mayonnaise is addictive.

For the recipe for my Shrimp Po’ Boys, head over to Food Fanatic today, or check below:




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    LOVE that this isn’t fried! I’ve never seen a po’ boy that wasn’t fried, but… duh, who says they have to be! I’m going to NO in a couple of months and CANT wait to eat everything in sight. I NEED to hit up some of those gravy and french fry po boys. In the meantime, totally loving this idea.

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    A couple summers ago, my friend and I took a road trip all over the U.S. for two months and on part of the trip, we did the exact circuit you two love birds did for your honeymoon! I love that part of the country…and yes, the waistline grew and grew as we went through po’ boys, fried green tomatoes, gumbo, fried alligator and on and on and on! Your po’ boys are bringing me fond memories and they look amazing!

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    What a great idea! I love po boys, but I’ve never made them at home. This must change…and soon! Thank you so much for sharing. I have had a long day…and I needed something delicious to cheer me up. I hope you are well. Enjoy the rest of your week. Happy Spring!

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