Dinner For Two: Avocado Pasta


Just because dinner needs to be quick doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be delicious and easy!  Avocado pasta is a dish I pull together frequently on busy nights.  I buy plenty of avocados to have on hand for lunches throughout the week, and one usually makes its way into dinner.

You’re just five ingredients away from a crave-worthy, easy meal.


Head on over to Food Fanatic for my recipe for Avocado Pasta for two.


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    This is one of our favorite quick go-to meals that Stephie introduced me to. Love that I can pull it together while the water is boiling. So yummy!

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    I love avocado pasta! Almost as much as I love how you managed to actually plate pasta in a pretty way, instead of a big mess of noodles on the plate (cough guilty here cough)

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    Oh girl this looks incredible. I made avocado pasta a couple weeks ago and it was knock your socks of delicious. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture to save my life. It looked like a disgusting pile of green noodles on a plate. How you managed to make it look so good and creamy is a gift! I’m determined to try again (plus, duh, means I have to eat it again)!!

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    I eat an entire avocado pretty much every day, so this meal’s making me caaaahrazy! I want to twirl up some avocado pasta on my fork and slurp it right down! Headed to gander at the recipe!


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