Hip Hip, Purée! My Recipes for Feeding Bébé


Every parent knows that when it comes to children eating, it can be a challenge. Christina Lane, best selling cookbook author and food blogger, was faced with this challenge when she had her daughter Camille. Christina decided it was best to start young, and in this book, shows you how to introduce different flavor profiles, into delicious homemade baby food purees. Hip Hip, Purée! is a great start to helping your child become an adventurous eater.

Hip Hip, Purée! includes:

Nine first purée recipes as a starting point for 6 to 9 months old.

Six second purée recipes for 9 + months, when your baby is ready to take on a little texture.

A short baby purée cookbook with a variety of vegetables, fruits and spices to stimulate their taste buds. Hip Hip Purée features, Apple with Cardamom, Mango with Vanilla Bean, and when they are ready for texture, Baby Bolognese.



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