Candy recipes that are small batch and easy to make at home! If you’ve never made candy before, it’s easier than you think. Most of these recipes don’t need a candy thermometer or any other special equipment.

This recipe collection includes truffles, marshmallows, fudge, caramels, licorice, candy bark and more! You’ll find that the recipes are for smaller portions, so they’re more approachable.

If you’re new to baking, try starting with homemade marshmallows. The small batch of just 8 marshmallows is great to start out. Once you’ve mastered those, you can make chocolate marshmallows, raspberry marshmallows, or even matcha marshmallows.

The easiest candy to make is chocolate bark! Just melt your favorite chocolate, pour it on a flat surface, and sprinkle with anything you love! Peppermint bark is great for Christmas, and Easter bark is great to use leftover Easter candy.

Healthy chocolate truffles are completely no bake, but such sweet treat. They make a great filler in a DIY Chocolate Box for Valentine’s Day. In fact, almost any of these candy recipes are great for elevating a Valentine’s gift.

For something slightly fancier and more advanced, try homemade caramels to give as gifts during the holidays. Oreo balls are also very welcome as gifts.

Tools for making homemade candy recipes:

Browse the recipes below to find your favorite candy recipes, and give it a shot at making them yourself!

Pâte de fruit made with strawberries and pectin
Candy, Gluten Free

Strawberry Pate de Fruit

Pate de fruit made with fresh strawberries. Homemade strawberry gummy candy made with strawberries and pectin. Pâte de fruits can be easy! Make yourself comfortable. We have a lot to talk about today. For the better part of two weeks,…

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Homemade food gift: chai sugar in jars

Chai Sugar Jars

Chai sugar jars, a fun homemade gift! We’re making a gift! A gift for ourselves and some to share, too. My chai obsession is pretty well-documented at this point. I drink it hot daily– yes, even in the summer. When given…

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A recipe for homemade matcha marshmallows, a small batch of marshmallows.
Candy, Gluten Free

Matcha Marshmallows

Matcha marshmallows: A small batch of homemade marshmallow recipe flavored with matcha tea powder. Recipe makes just 8 matcha marshmallows in a bread loaf pan. Let me say first that I never intended for this to be a manifesto about…

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Rice Krispies Chocolate Bark recipe
Candy, Gluten Free

Crispy Easter Bark

Every now and then, you come across a classic recipe with a new spin that is worth noticing. When I came across Tracy’s recipe for chocolate bark with rice krispies stirred in, I stopped in my tracks. Why had I never…

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Homemade Marshmallow Recipes @dessertfortwo
Candy, Gluten Free, NO BAKE

Pink Marshmallows!

Can we please get all hearts, stars, and lovey-dovey up in here already? I’ve been biting my nails waiting for Valentine’s Day to roll around. It’s the New Year, so we’re going to start planning! We’re only 6 weeks away from…

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Two ingredient fudge recipes! @dessertfortwo
Candy, Chocolate Desserts for Two, Gluten Free

Easy Fudge

Easy fudge recipe made with just two ingredients that is totally fool proof. Just a can of sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips, plus any flavorings you like. I’m sharing a chocolate almond version and a creamsicle version today–which flavor…

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