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  1. Marty says

    Oh my goodness! Never even thought of an oatmeal cake. This looks absolutely delicious! I am definitely going to make this now that the holidays are approaching. Thanks!

  2. vianney/sweet life says

    Oh that sweet freckled bobby flay didn't stand a chance!! great review!! I had family in town and missed these gals at HEB!! I am still kicking myself for not attending the event , glad your enjoiying the book!!

  3. Julie says

    I just made this for us! Oh, yum! But, how can you go wrong with coconut, brown sugar and pecans? I mean, seriously. So good!

  4. Sade says

    I just made this for my boyfriend's birthday. I skipped the topping (because I didn't have coconut or pecans) and made a salted caramel sauce instead. It was delicious!

    But I have no idea how you can eat half of that cake in one sitting, we had 1/6 each and it was plenty!

  5. Ba says

    This looks soooo delist and I'd love to make it!
    But, can you substitute the shortening with butter or oil?
    Also, what other nuts would u suggest for he topping?

  6. Lola says

    Could this cake be gluten free! If so would I just use a gluten free flour blend? Like cup for cup by Bob's Red Mill?

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