Hiya! How ya doin’? I’m just checking in here with heaps of good news!

But look–these updates make my life sound fantastic 24/7. When in fact, all of these fabulous things happen spaced out over many months, and I save them up to share with you all at once. There are a lot of dirty diapers, sticky dishes, and blah days in between the good days. I promise.

Dessert for Two cookbook in paperback!

First, should we start with the most exciting thing? I think so! Dessert for Two is going to paperback! Hooray!

This fall, you can get your hands on a soft-back copy of Dessert for Two. I’ve always dreamed of having my book in an easy-to-cook-from format, if only for my own selfish reasons. I cook out of my book at least once a week. Does that make me a nerd? Don’t answer that.

However, rest assured— the book will still be printed in hard cover for all of your gift-giving needs. The lovely thing about Dessert for Two is that it’s a fantastic bridal shower and wedding gift. There’s just something about a hardcover book that says GIFT ME. I’m so grateful that my publisher is still going to keep printing in hardback just for that purpose. But, I think that those of us that get down ‘n dirty in the kitchen know–soft-back cookbooks are preferred in the kitchen.

Thank you, friends for your continued support of my book. I couldn’t do anything without you.


Second, don’t forget about my upcoming book signing in St. Louis! I’ll be at Left Bank Books on February 9th at 7pm. And yes, there will be food! Cafe Osage of Bowood Farms is providing samples of recipes from both books. Come say hi, get your books signed, and meet baby Camille. Oh yeah, the babe is coming! You can even hold her…if you’ve had your flu shot. Kidding…kind of…

Comfort and Joy Cookbook by Christina Lane

Moving on, if you have a Sam’s Club membership, you may have seen Comfort and Joy: Cooking for Two staring back at you in the aisle. I’m so honored that Sam’s Club picked up my book. I hope that you grab it for your Valentine, toss some ingredients in your cart, and make dinner and dessert for two that night! Thank you, Sam’s Club! I’ve been cheating on Costco with you lately, and it feels so good.

Christina Lane for Assistance League

And finally, I’ve talked a little about this on social media, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve teamed up with a charity called Assistance League. Assistance League is a national non-profit that helps women and children in the community in many ways. The day I visited the office, the ladies of the Assistance League were dressing 60 kids in warm clothes! Each kid received 2 new pairs of pants, 3 long-sleeve shirts, a warm fleece, new underwear and socks, and a winter hat. They do this 53 times a year for 60 kids each. That’s a lot of clothes!  They also put new shoes on kids’ feet, gift teddy bears and activity packs to kids in hospitals, and work to lift up women and children that have been affected by domestic violence. Project ROSE (Raising Our Self Esteem) specifically aims to help women and children leaving the shelter and on their way to a new life. They give them new clothes and personal care items needed for the first part of their journey.

I’m speaking at their Author’s Brunch in St. Louis on April 9th to benefit Project ROSE. I’m speaking with Ruth Reichl, and I couldn’t think of a better partner to speak about the connection between food and family. If you’re local, you can purchase tickets through the Assistance League St Louis website.

Do you like I just casually mentioned I’m sharing the stage with one of my cooking idols Ruth Reichl, and acted like it was no big deal? I peed a little when I found out. And ever since then, I’ve been wondering exactly how many of her books I can fit into my purse and have her sign. I’ll be the bag lady at the event.

I hope to see you there!

As always, I’m still offering cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory on a monthly basis, though we did skip February due to the book signing craziness. My classes almost always sell out, so call to reserve your spot! I’m teaching April 17, May 11, and June 11 so far.

Thank you, friends, for a fabulous few months! Really, it’s been a great year, and I have you to thank.

All my love and all my cupcakes,
Christina & Camille