Lemon Pancakes

Yeah, I definitely should have posted this before Mother’s Day. Sorry. Your Mom would have loved these. I spent almost all of Mother’s Day in bed with my new babe. I also had a mini melt-down because I felt unproductive, so my sweet husband sent me to my favorite place in the world…alone…the grocery store. Hallelujah, it was so good to do that! I’m not sure if it makes me a bad Mom that after 9 days with my sweet babe, I needed some alone time, but it is what it is. I missed her almost immediately as I pulled out of the driveway, and I wore a smile the whole time thinking of her back home.

I’ve had fierce desires to cook lately. We’re currently in the middle of the second afternoon nap with the French pop station blaring on Pandora, and I can’t stay out of the kitchen. I just whipped up salted butterscotch pudding from my cookbook, and another batch of those dang good Quinoa Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies that I can’t get enough of at 3am. Dinner is another Heidi classic: ricotta-bellied ravioli with asparagus and a harissa vinaigrette.

Wait. Please don’t mistake all this cooking with a newborn for me having my shit together. Please please please don’t do that. My house is a mess, my husband is constantly following behind me grabbing dirty laundry, and I’m always wandering around the house looking for my nipple cream. Sorry I just said nipple on a food blog. I get a quick shower in yes, but today, I didn’t brush my teeth until 2pm. I haven’t vacuumed up the weekly collection of dust bunnies from that white Moroccan rug in my living room. Every time I glance at one of the dogs, a dust bunny is stuck to their fur. And most importantly: my husband is doing the dishes constantly. I fly into the kitchen like a whirlwind, and he swoops in behind me and cleans up. He’s such a good man.

Um, were we talking about pancakes? We were. I made these lemon cream pancakes a few weeks ago, and they are fantastic. I make a lot of pancakes in this house, mostly of the healthy variety, but every now and then, a rich version is nice. Really, really nice.

If you don’t mind clicking over to the Kerrygold blog, you can find my recipe for these babes. I know you’ll love them!


Lemon pancakes for two