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Breakfast recipes for two people. Sweet and savory breakfast ideas for two, including small batch cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins from scratch, small batch lemon scones, and a small batch of biscuits.

Weekend favorites include pancakes for two, French toast for two, donuts, kolaches, and more!

Start your morning off right with a homemade breakfast. Save your favorite recipes for weekday mornings, and then tackle a longer recipe with yeast on a slow weekend morning.

Syrup being poured on a pancake stack.

Banana Oat Pancakes

Banana oat pancakes made in the blender are my go-to on weekend mornings. Made in just seconds in the blender with just 4 ingredients: oats, flour, bananas, and eggs. They’re full of nutrition and have enough ‘staying power’ to keep…

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Two plates of lemon pancakes with butter and syrup on top.

Lemon Pancakes

A new way with pancakes: lemon pancakes are a bright and fresh twist on a perfectly fluffy pancake stack. This recipe makes 2 small stacks of pancakes for a total of 6 pancakes. It has a dose of heavy cream, which makes…

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Croissant French toast with whipped cream and fresh berries.
Bread, Breakfast

Croissant French Toast

Croissant French toast recipe for a special holiday breakfast that uses leftover stale croissants. When they’re dipped in sweet custard and gently fried, they can’t be beat! Top with whipped cream and fresh berries for a beautiful Christmas morning breakfast…

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Two glasses of mango banana smoothie garnished with fruit and mint.
Breakfast, Drinks for Two

Mango Banana Smoothie

Mango banana smoothie, made with just 4 ingredients! Keep a bag of frozen mango in your freezer, and this easy smoothie recipe comes together in just minutes. What a delicious summer breakfast, add yogurt, if you like! Mango Banana Smoothie…

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Strawberry milk in glass with straw.
Breakfast, Drinks for Two

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry milk made at home is my kids’ favorite treats! I love that it’s made with real fresh strawberries. The recipe makes just one pint, but can be scaled up to have fresh strawberry milk for the whole week!  …

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Wire tray with 6 crumb donuts on top.
Breakfast, Donuts, Egg White Only

Crumb Donuts

Crumb donuts that are baked instead of fried! Soft, fluffy vanilla cake donuts scented lightly with nutmeg, baked in a doughnut pan. The crumb topping is baked at the same time, and you flake it with a fork before dunking…

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