Breakfast recipes for two people. Sweet and savory breakfast ideas for two, including small batch cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones, biscuits, pancakes, French toast, donuts, kolaches, and more!

Cinnamon Caramel Amish Doughnuts. Baked Amish Donuts, copycat Rise N Roll Donuts
Breakfast, Donuts

Cinnamon Caramel Amish Doughnuts

Amish donuts: these cinnamon caramel donuts are a taste of my trip to Amish country in northern Indiana.  Cinnamon caramel Amish donuts are best donuts I’ve ever had in my LIFE. This is probably the fastest I’ve gone from having…

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Strawberry Pretzel Parfait, the classic strawberry pretzel salad recipe as a parfait.
Breakfast, Fancy, Videos

Strawberry Pretzel Parfaits

Strawberry pretzel parfait has all of my favorite flavors in one glass: salty, creamy, sweet and crunchy! Strawberry Pretzel Salad is one of my weaknesses in this life. If you’ve never had the Jello-encased, Cool-Whip cloaked dream, it’s okay. You…

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Nut-Free Granola made with seeds and hemp hearts
Baby Food, Breakfast

Kid Friendly Granola

Kid friendly granola…for those babes that don’t quite have all of their teeth yet! While I’d rather blab on and on about how advanced my kid is, I wanna talk about how behind Camille is on getting her teeth. Girlfriend is…

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Crepe recipe for two people. Small batch crepes for two.
Bread, Breakfast, Videos

Crepes for Two

Crepes for two are such a perfect breakfast or dessert for two that is easy and simple to make! This isn’t particularly flattering about me, but I have to confess: I used to live near a crêperie and never ordered…

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Cheesecake Toast recipe with Strawberries
Bread, Breakfast, Fancy

Strawberry Cheesecake Toast

Strawberry toast with cheesecake spread! Use toast to make lazy girl cheesecake: toasted brioche covered in an easy cheesecake dip topped with strawberries. This post was lovingly sponsored by Kerrygold. I’m so grateful for their buttery support.  Since we’re long…

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Quick and easy cinnamon rolls: no yeast, small batch, made with jam
Bread, Breakfast

Strawberry Rolls

Strawberry cinnamon rolls made without yeast and baked in a muffin pan. I’m scheming up a Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed situation. It’s not that I don’t think I can convince Brian to do it. The obstacles are different. They…

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Easy Donut Recipe made with Canned Biscuits
Breakfast, Donuts

Biscuit Donuts + Chai Sugar

Biscuit donuts are an easy donut recipe made with canned biscuit dough. Easy canned biscuit donuts are so fun and easy to make. Happy weekend to you! We’re about to make it a very happy weekend. I’m about to say…

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Brown Rice Breakfast Pudding - a healthy breakfast treat
Baby Food, Breakfast, Gluten Free

Brown Rice Pudding

Brown rice pudding recipe is a healthier way to enjoy rice pudding for breakfast, without the guilt! Naturally sweetened with mashed bananas (and an optional honey drizzle), it’s great for adults and toddlers! I’m pulling this recipe for brown rice…

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Starbucks Copycat Steamer Recipe
Breakfast, Drinks for Two

Vanilla Bean Steamer

Vanilla steamer made with vanilla bean, whole milk, and sugar. This steamer tastes just like Starbucks! This is the final post for the year for my partnership with BAILEYS™ Coffee Creamers. Thanks for letting me partner with brands I love and use…

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