Gift Guide for Newlyweds–it’s that time of year!

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Chances are, you have a newlywed or young couple on your holiday gift list this year.

If not, then you probably have an empty nest household on your list. Or both.

Newlyweds and empty nesters are one in the same, if you ask me. Neither of them want to eat leftover lasagna for 17 days straight (and as such, they dutifully make my loaf-pan lasagna). And they both know that a cookie recipe that makes 4 dozen cookies is ridiculous. (These are my people, I tell you!)

The good news is that I’m here with a gift guide for newlyweds, or those of us that like to small-batch bake or cook. Click on the (affiliate) links below within the text for each product.

Happy shopping!

1. This retro kitchen timer is magnetic and sticks to the stove, the fridge, your metal hip, anything you like. Because there is actually nothing worse than spending time prepping a meal and then burning it. Time yourself!

2. This is a marble pastry board. It’s for rolling pastry on marble, you might have guessed. But, the truth is, I use it as a cheese board and snack-serving tray more than anything.

3. A pretty recipe box is just what newlyweds need. As soon as a recipe gets two thumbs up from both parties involved, it’s time to put it in the vault. Make that vault pretty and covered in flowers.

4. Pretty pretty kitchen towels and oven mitts. These are from Pioneer Woman’s collection, and the colors are great in an all-white kitchen with subway tile (which is what every newlywed has these days, didn’t you know?)

5. A decanter set this stylish only encourages drinking. It doubles as decor because it’s stunning.

6. A high-quality Dutch oven is a life essential in my book, but did you know they make small ones that hold 5 1/2 quarts? I use this all the time for small-batch soup recipes, and I even bake bread in it!

7. Copper measuring cups and spoons aren’t something we actually need, but it’s something we all want. Be the hero and buy them for your favorite couple.

8. I divide my life into two parts: before a mini stand mixer and after. It changed my life, and I literally use it daily. If you’re baking small batch recipes with a regular stand mixer, often, the beaters won’t touch the small amount batter in the bowl. I had sworn off my stand mixer for life until this mini stand mixer appeared.

9. This wouldn’t be a gift guide if I didn’t try to convince you to buy my first cookbook, Dessert for Two: Small Batch Cookies, Brownies, Pies and Cakes, would it? The honest truth is that this book sells so well because it’s the perfect gift. Newlyweds love it because baking together is cute, and empty nesters love it because it has their favorite desserts without all of the tempting leftovers.

10. Maybe your favorite couple says they like to cook more than bake. Enter my second book: Comfort & Joy: Cooking for Two. It has savory recipes for any meal of the day, and I cook out of it myself weekly. It has small-batch muffin recipes for breakfast, fast lunch recipes for two, and dinner for two recipes.

11. My book that came out earlier this year is Sweet & Simple: Desserts for Two. Yep, it’s even more desserts for two. Because the list of desserts to scale down is literally endless. The good news about this book is that the recipes are simple and easy, most with less than 10 ingredients.


Thanks for reading this gift guide for newlyweds, friends! If you have any recommendations that you think I would like—either kitchen tools that help with small-batch baking or anything pretty my kitchen needs, please let me know in the comments! I’m always on the lookout!