Gifts for guys ideas–a gift guide to help you buy all the dudes in your life something special. These gifts are great for your dude, your dad, your uncle, your brother, or any other guy for which you’d like to buy something special.

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  1. SONY BLUETOOTH SPEAKER We’ve had one of these in our kitchen for over a year now, and nothing gets used in our house more. It’s portable, completely wireless, and bluetooth compatible. Make sure your dude isn’t using a speaker from the 90s; get him up to date!
  2. DEWALT COMPACT DRILL I thought men only needed to buy one drill in their lifetime. My husband recently educated me that newer drills are more lightweight and have longer battery power. Blane updated to this one this Christmas, and loves it so far.
  3. CUSTOMIZABLE WHISKEY GLASSES A dear friend gave us these whiskey glasses when we moved away from St. Louis. We love having these glasses with St Louis coordinates in our bar to remind us of all of our good friends back there.
  4. LUXURY ICE CUBE TRAYS When luxury ice cube trays first became a thing, I thought they were the silliest thing ever. But now? We always have these in our freezer, because the large cube size makes the ice melt much slower, thus not watering down your dudes drink. I love that these are made of silicone and have lids to protect against any odors!
  5. CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY Every dude needs this game in his place. It’s ridiculously fun, a great ice breaker, and it never gets old because the game reinvents itself each time you play. This is my first pick on our game nights with neighbors every Friday.
  6. APPLE AIR PODS PRO I’m not a tech person by any means, but even I could recognize how silly it was for my husband’s ear buds to always be dangling from his head. I really hope Blane doesn’t read this, because this is what I’m getting him for Valentine’s Day this year!
  7. THE NEST Did your dude just get a new place? Or better yet, did you two just move in together? Get set up with The Nest so you can completely customize and run your thermomstat in the most efficient way possible. The way I see it, the lower your energy bill, the happier your relationship will be.
  8. THE NEST CAM This camera syncs with The Nest and can provide additional home security. You can receive alerts when someone arrives home, or when the dog moves from the couch to the chair. And, the speaker option allows you to yell at said dog to get off the chair! Plus, it plugs in so no more dead battery concerns. Buy one for each room or main area.
  9. JACK BLACK RAZOR Buy your dude this fancy razor, and it will be the only razor he ever owns. From here, he just buys replacement blades. Plus, it looks sleek and stylish in the bathroom.
  10. BREAKFAST SANDWICH MAKER I can’t think of a single dude who doesn’t love a good breakfast sandwich, or post-gym sandwich. This one cooks all of the components at the same time. No more drive-thru breakfast for your dude!
  11. QUIP ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH Move over Sonicare, the Quip is your replacement. A much smaller, sleeker and more convenient electric toothbrush is here. It sticks to the mirror with a magnet, and comes with a cover for sanitary purposes. Plus, refills are sent every 3 months automatically.
  12. COOL NEW BRIEFCASE I feel like briefcases are something our dads and grandpas carried; a messenger bag is much more stylish these days. This one has plenty of pockets and fits my husband’s laptop and cords.
  13. GRILL TOOLS If your dude didn’t know, you can use regular tools on the grill. Not only are they too short and not high-heat proof, but he’ll burn his hands. This grill set has one of everything he needs to make burgers, chicken, brats, or more.
  14. COZY SLIPPERS I mentioned that our wedding anniversary is later in the month, and these are what I’m getting my husband. He’s been asking for stylish but ‘manly’ slippers for a while. I finally found some that he would love!
  15. NESPRESSO PIXIE Save your dude some cash at the coffee shop, and get him this Nespresso Pixie. It’s one of the smaller machines that makes the perfect cup of coffee or espresso. It comes with a milk frother, if a latte or flat white is his thing. We have this machine, and love it!
  16. SOLAR PHONE CHARGER At first, I thought this would be a good gift for a dude who loves to camp, but honestly, there are so many times we need a phone charger but can’t find a plug. This is also great if your guy cycles or does long-distance running. It charges an airPad 3 times and a phone 5-10 times, depending on the type of phone.

I hope you love these gifts for guys that are perfect for Christmas or Valentine’s Day!