Dinner for Two: Lobster Risotto


We’re approaching our last meat-free Friday during Lent, and I’m bringing you lobster. I know, it seems kind of extravagant. But, normally, I give up all meat during the entirety of Lent and I’m craving some serious variation in the all-seafood diet by now. This year, I didn’t give up meat entirely because of the human growing in my belly, but I did try to

Dinner for Two: Stuffed Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Mushroom Grilled Cheese

I feel like I should somewhat explain my lack of recipes around these parts lately. You guys, life is happening so dang fast. The minute we got home from New York, we finally realized that we had a baby on the way and maaaaaaybe we should think about getting a nursery ready. Let’s not talk about how I just made a baby registry last week…at

Dinner for Two: Cranberry-Brie Walnut Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Cranberry Brie Walnut stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Holy emails, you guys! Thank you SO much for writing me and requesting more dinner for two recipes. You make my day, like, all of the days. Thanks again! I might have the biggest surprise in the world for you dinner for two lovers out there, but I’m just not ready to share it yet. I will blab about it as soon as I can,

Dinner for Two: Roasted Vegetable Lasagna


Anytime I slide a giant pan of vegetables into the oven to roast, I feel like I’m winning at life. If I can cover the vegetables in layers of cheese and pasta, well, then I feel like I should start working on a killer award acceptance speech. Does lasagna make you as happy as it makes me? I used a standard-sized bread loaf pan to make two generous

Dinner for Two: Honey-Mustard Pork Tenderloin + Crispy Cauli ‘n Kale

Oven roasted pork tenderloin

I’m giving away 3 copies of my book HERE. You have 3 days to enter! Remember that time we made Schnitzel, and I told you to toss the other pork tenderloin from the bag in the freezer? Yeah, I just found it last weekend. I’m cleaning out the freezer to make room for meals for baby time, and I’m putting to use all the frozen

Dinner for Two: Cowboy Steaks ‘n Sprouts

Easy cast iron skillet steaks with Cowboy rub and roasted Brussels sprouts

OH, HI. I’m alive. Yes, please, and thank you. I’m home from New York, and still recovering a bit. I severely underestimated the exhaustion I would face being 7 months pregnant while running to and from meetings and cabs for 3 solid days in New York. I had an absolute BLAST, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a ‘Checking In‘ post this

Dinner for Two: Chicken Mole Pasta

Chicken mole pasta for two

I found another way to put chocolate into your dinner!! Sorry for shouting that. The longer I live outside of Texas, the more I realize that the foods I grew up on are vastly different than the childhood experiences of my friends. If I want to make a silence fall over a room, I talk about how we eat tamales on Christmas Eve in Texas. I’m

Dinner for Two: Cocoa-rubbed Filets + Twice-baked Potatoes

Romantic dinner for two for Valentine's Day: chocolate rubbed steaks

We’re still rolling along here with our 30 days of chocolate theme, but this time, I put chocolate in your dinner! This was another fabulous suggestion by a reader. Thanks, Krista! I’ve been known to add ground coffee to my steak rubs, but I had not ventured to try cocoa powder. I combined the cocoa powder with smoked paprika to oomph it’s smokiness. The steaks don’t