Cake without eggs recipe collection for when you’re out of eggs, or you’re seeking egg allergy friendly recipes. Everything from chocolate and vanilla cakes, to egg-free brownies and cupcakes–all made egg-free!

How to make cake without eggs

It happens to me all the time–I want something sweet, but I don’t have any eggs. Or, I’m baking a dessert for someone that can’t have eggs either due to veganism (like my husband) or an egg allergy. No matter the reason, everyone deserves cake, even when you’re lacking eggs. This is my recipe collection for cake without eggs.

You’ll be happy to know that none of my cake recipes use a weird egg substitute.

In my opinion, flax eggs are fine in healthy recipes, but they don’t belong in cake.

1. Chocolate cake without eggs

vegan chocolate cake recipe

First, up my vegan chocolate cake. In full disclosure, my standard go-to chocolate cake recipe is always made without eggs, though I do normally make it with a regular buttercream, not a vegan butter substitute. It’s my expert cake opinion that chocolate cake is best when it’s made this way, whether or not you’re trying to avoid dairy or eggs. The hot coffee, a touch of vinegar and baking soda is all you need for a perfect, fluffy chocolate cake.

2. Vanilla cake without eggs

Not to be outdone, my vegan vanilla cake is equally amazing. I use this recipe as a vegan birthday cake all the time for friends that avoid dairy and eggs. However, if dairy is okay with you, I recommend buttermilk for this cake, but leave out the vinegar in that case–the buttermilk brings all the acidity needed to react and make a cake rise perfectly.

Both of these cakes are great for kid birthday parties–you can make the small 6″ version for a smash cake, or you can scale them up (recipes included) for a larger party!

3. Brownies without eggs

Vegan Brownies for two

Moving right along, these brownies without eggs are better than regular brownies. I’m serious! These brownies happen to be vegan, but I happen to crave them more than regular brownies. It must be the nut butter, but these brownies are so crave-worthy!

4. Cupcakes without eggs

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes, Small Batch Cupcakes for Two

I don’t have a chocolate problem, you do, which is why I made these vegan chocolate cupcakes for you. The frosting is peanut butter-based, which is so perfect for those avoiding regular butter!

5. Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake

The best chocolate microwave cake @dessertfortwo

If you need chocolate cake, and you need it now, make my eggless chocolate cake in the microwave in your coffee cup. You won’t be disappointed to have such a delicious recipe come together in less than 2 minutes. Don’t forget the whipped cream and cherry on top!

I hope these recipes help you when you need to bake but don’t want to use eggs! If you’re looking for similar recipes, don’t miss my chocolate chip cookies without eggs! Or, my vegan cheesecake, or my vegan banana muffins. And don’t forget the classic: eggless banana bread.