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Healthy recipes for two people. Easy healthy dinners for two, and lighter healthy desserts enjoyed in moderation.

Arugula salad with sliced nectarines on top and almonds.
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Nectarine Salad

Nectarine salad with arugula, butter-braised nectarines, almonds, cheddar, and a lemon cinnamon vinaigrette. Add butter and aged cheddar chunks to your nectarine arugula salad, and enjoy this bright, fresh summery salad in less than 30 minutes. All my life, I’ve…

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Rye Bread

Rye bread made without yeast. A rye soda bread recipe that will make you fall in love with rye flour.   I have a quick love letter to write today, and I hope you’ll indulge me. It’s part love letter,…

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