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Nutella Raspberry Martini for two. Best chocolate martini for two with Nutella and raspberries. Perfect date night in cocktail for two.
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Nutella Raspberry Martini

Nutella Raspberry Martini for two!  I’m here to wish you a Happy almost-Friday! Now can we drink, please? Can we drink rich cream, Nutella, and booze garnished with crushed raspberries? Oh yes, yes we can. I’m not quite sure why…

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Strawberry Pretzel Parfait, the classic strawberry pretzel salad recipe as a parfait.
Breakfast, Fancy, Videos

Strawberry Pretzel Parfaits

Strawberry pretzel parfait has all of my favorite flavors in one glass: salty, creamy, sweet and crunchy! Strawberry Pretzel Salad is one of my weaknesses in this life. If you’ve never had the Jello-encased, Cool-Whip cloaked dream, it’s okay. You…

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Crepe recipe for two people. Small batch crepes for two.
Bread, Breakfast, Videos

Crepes for Two

Crepes for two are such a perfect breakfast or dessert for two that is easy and simple to make! This isn’t particularly flattering about me, but I have to confess: I used to live near a crêperie and never ordered…

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Jam cocktails made in a mason jar. Shake up your favorite flavors.
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Jam Cocktails

  Jam cocktails: also known as a recipe for the happiest cocktail to fuel you all summer long. Grab a mason jar, your favorite jam and booze, and get ready to shake! So, we have accumulated quite a few recipes…

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Shakshuka recipe with couscous by Molly Yeh
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Shakshuka for Two

Shakshuka with feta and Israeli couscous, recipe from Molly On The Range by Molly Yeh. Today, we’re going to talk about something very cute, very small and very lovely. Are you ready? Of course you are! Her name is Molly Yeh…

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